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City Spotlight: Bath

Royal Crescent, Bath

Our centre in Bath is one of our more unusual buildings, it began its life as a train station in 1870 and was built in a style to match the beautiful nearby Georgian buildings.

4 Tips for a more Eco-Friendly Work Day

three glass tupperware boxes fillied with beans, pulses, fruit; they're all look brightly coloured, green, yellow, reds, brown.
As more of us start to head back into the office once again, it can be easy to fall back into old habits. Our recent Ex(change)rs Programme speaker Anna Richards has been taking a look at how we can all make our work days more sustainable and help us to adopt a more plastic-free lifestyle.

Ethical Property secures Fair Tax Mark certification

Image reading Ethical Property is now Fair Tax certified
Ethical Property has secured its first Fair Tax Mark certification, and joins the growing movement of responsible businesses who are proud to 'say what they pay with pride'. The Fair Tax Mark is an independent certification, which recognises organisations that demonstrate they are paying the right amount of corporation tax in the right place, at the right time. More than 60 businesses have now been certified. These include national brands such as Timpson, Lush, and Richer Sounds, FTSE listed companies including SSE and Marshalls Plc., as well as co-operatives, family businesses and social enterprises.

City Spotlight: Oxford

A view of a sunny street with cafes and a tree, this is Cowley Road in Oxford
Our centre in Oxford, The Old Music Hall, can be found in the heart of Oxford’s creative hub - Cowley Road - an area that demonstrates the true spirit of independence. The centre is home to some inspiring organisations, and where our Head Office is located. We asked Esmee, who runs the centre about what makes it so special.

Keeping Our Centres COVID-Secure

two hands using hand sanitiser
As the world adjusts to new working norms and expectations, we’ve been making every effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our tenants and staff as we prepare to welcome them back to our centres in greater numbers. By keeping our centres open during the lockdowns, we enabled tenants to carry out their vital work, in some cases directly supporting local communities and vulnerable people. This also means we have had to stay on top of social distancing and hygiene measures from the very first days and weeks of the pandemic and adapt to the rapidly changing situation.

More than bricks and mortar: how St Paul's Learning Centre is reuniting a community

Glen from Glen's Kitchen standing in front of a brightly coloured garfitti mural, he is smiling with his hands out stretched palms up
Feature for The Social Enterprise Magazine by Pioneers Post The importance of social impact can be bought into focus even more in areas in which local government cutbacks have taken their toll. St Pauls Learning Centre in Bristol is leading the way in showing the important role that companies, such as Ethical Property, can have on their local community and that social impact can really make a difference within the local community.

Our Quarterly Report 2021 Issue 02

Double page spread of the Quartertly Report

Ethical Property provides pioneering space for purpose and we are fortunate to have a large and diverse shareholder group who prioritise investing with impact.

City Spotlight: Cardiff

View of Cardiff Bay
Our centre in Cardiff, Hastings House, is a vibrant hub close to the centre of Cardiff with easy access to governmental, educational and cultural organisations. We asked Gareth, who runs the centre about what makes is so special.