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We create good places for good people.

Our tenants range from charities, not-for-profits and campaigning organisations through to independent retailers, creatives and ethical businesses tackling issues from sustainability to poverty, inequality and more

Scroll through the Stories below to see what our tenants have been up to recently!


Step Into Schools Programme

The Pituitary Foundation celebrates 30 years

Housing Justice Refugee Lodgings Project

'Refugees Reframed', by Migrant Help

National Children's Orchestras in 2024

Brighton Peace and Environment Centre

Pragya 2024

Rainforest Alliance


These organisations are not only the life and soul of our centres and central to our culture; we see them as ‘changemakers’ – committed to building a better world beyond our buildings, for society and for the planet.

We host people making a positive impact, to ensure we can continue providing nurturing spaces full of like-minded organisations with similar goals and values.

We're also proud that most of our tenants stay in our buildings for many years, despite having flexible contracts that allow them to leave at short notice. We offer flexible contracts precisely because we believe it’s important our tenants are able to react to their changing environment – whether to expand (or contract) as they develop, and as their needs change.


Tenants within our centres also benefit from well designed and practical facilities, and the presence of like-minded organisations and individuals – providing partnership and networking opportunities, and a strong a sense of community and shared purpose.

We also provide a Hardship Fund for tenants who need temporary help during challenging times.

If you'd like to find out more about moving into an Ethical Property centre, do fill out our Space Enquiry Form, and our sales team will get in touch.