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Ethical Property is governed by a Board of Directors, supported by a Senior Management Team.

Our Board consists of six Non-executive Directors and one Managing Director. They meet at least five times each year, and meetings are also attended by our Senior Management Team. The Board reviews its performance each year, and reflects on whether it contains the appropriate mix of skills required to enable the company to meet its objectives.

Additionally, there are three sub-committees:

  • The Audit and Risk Committee monitors the integrity of the financial and non-financial statements made by the organisation. They are also responsible for the appointment of auditors and property valuers.
  • The Governance & Human Resources Committee is responsible for the appointment of the board and succession planning. It also evaluates the performance of the Board.
  • The Portfolio Investment Committee monitors the overall financial, social and environmental performance of the existing property portfolio, managed properties and prospective projects. It reviews and recommends to the Board any acquisitions, disposals or major property investment decisions.