The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges we face today. It impacts not only our own centres, staff, tenants, and visitors, but also every person and community around the world. We all have something at stake, and we all have a part to play. We are pleased to announce the publication of our Sustainability Strategy with our pathway to Net Zero.

Our overall Sustainability Strategy sets out how we will enhance and strengthen our impact and play our part in the recovery, success, and sustainability of our environment. The new objectives within the strategy are underpinned by a commitment to sustainability. It is this commitment that will drive our actions and initiatives over the coming years.

This strategy is not the beginning of our work; it is something we have been committed to since our formation. However, it is a beginning of a more intense way of working and recognises that we stand at a pivotal moment. It will provide opportunities for our entire community to work together, building a culture of change and providing a platform for individuals, teams, and tenants to take ownership and responsibility of key actions that will enable us to meet our commitments.

However, we also recognise that to make an impact, a strategy document alone is not enough. The Ethical Property community and all the individuals, tenants, visitors, and partners must be empowered and supported to lead on actions which will drive change and build a culture where sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

The document itself sets out the tangible opportunities we will be pursuing to meet our commitments. As we work through this programme we will provide you with regular updates, highlighting projects that will enable the delivery of these. The strategy will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure all opportunities listed are aspirational, relevant to our work.

To read our strategy please click here.