Our centre in Bath is one of our more unusual buildings, it began its life as a train station in 1870 and was built in a style to match the beautiful nearby Georgian buildings. What once housed busy platforms is now home to some of the most eclectic and independant local retail units in Bath. What's more, underneath in vaults that used to store cargo is now home to a wide range of tenants including The Big Issue.

We asked Claire - who has been at Green Park longer than Ethical Property has - about what makes this place so special.


What for you sums up Green Park Station?

Beautiful old train station which has been repurposed for independent businesses, charities, markets and events, Green Park Station is a real community asset to Bath.

What organisations call GPS home?

I think all the businesses/charities would call Green Park Station their home, but I would definitely say, Green Park Brasserie, Hackett’s Hairdressers, Frame craft and of course Ethical Property.

It’s been a tough year, but people have shown resilience do you have any example of this at Green Park Station?

When the pandemic first struck, I thought the businesses that could remain open adapted amazingly well. The Bath Farmers Market kept running every Saturday and Charles (the Ethical Property Market Manager) organised food parcels to those who needed it.

What makes Bath unique?

It’s architecture, the spas and its links to the romans, plus everywhere you walk in Bath there is always a hill to climb.

What would surprise people about this centre?

For Green Park Station it has to be its amazing vaults underneath the station. I think most people know we have vaults now, but I don’t think they realise they go right the way around Green Park Station.


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