Our centre in Oxford, The Old Music Hall, can be found in the heart of Oxford’s creative hub - Cowley Road - an area that demonstrates the true spirit of independence. The centre is home to some inspiring organisations, and where our Head Office is located. We asked Esmee, who runs the centre about what makes it so special.


Q: What for you sums up The Old Music Hall?

Esmee: A functional and supportive environment for community and national positive changemakers to thrive.

Q: What organisations call The Old Music Hall home?

Esmee: We have a very diverse mix. Organisations working closely with vulnerable adults, such as Migrant Help and Refugee Resources, environmental pioneers such as Joju Solar, and INASP who form close research partnerships across the world.

Q: It’s been a tough year, but people have shown reliance, do you have any example of this at The Old Music Hall?

Esmee: Some of our tenants have struggled to work from home, such as those with limited space or with busy environments not conducive to work or concentration. They have found great respite in The Old Music Hall, especially with a limited number of tenants, fresh outside space and our various building wide arrangements to ensure tenants are kept as safe as possible from the threat of Covid transference.

Q: What makes Oxford unique?

Esmee: Not just an international destination for education and learning, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Oxford is also a centre for people working towards a better future and there are community initiatives on every corner, such as GoodGym, who facilitate runners to help deliver food to vulnerable adults.

Q: What would surprise people about The Old Music Hall and / or Oxford?

Esmee: The Old Music Hall surprises every new visitor as the size and internal layout of the building isn’t obvious from the simple, unassuming entrance. Once through the door it opens out into a diverse network of offices, communal spaces and various facilities, with some features, such as the grand theatre dating back to approx. 1890, some recently established to create modern, high tech working spaces.


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