Investor FAQs

  • What was the purpose of the 2015 Share Issue?

    A Share Issue is the way in which we raise cash to grow the Company. We own most of our buildings, and we buy them with a combination of debt (i.e. bank lending) and equity (i.e. money raised from Share Issues). In 2015 we undertook a Share Issue with the aim of raising £3,500,000.00 of new capital to further support the social sector and fund our continued growth. As a result the company raised £1,750,000.00 which improved the liquidity of Ethical Property Company shares on the secondary market and introduced some substantial new investors to the company.

  • What does the Company think that future dividend yields will be?

    We think current dividends are too low and we would like to increase them, however it is difficult to predict future performance with any accuracy.  We also want to improve liquidity and the share price so that there is a capital return as well as a revenue return. Looking forward we aim to have dividends that generate a return of about 3% - 4% compared with the value of the shares.

  • Why are Company shares not publically listed?

    The Ethical Property Company is a small company by all measures, and being quoted on a public stock exchange would cost an enormous amount of money. We are committed to keeping this option under review, and if at any point in the future we think the benefits outweigh the costs, we will bring a proposal to the shareholders at the AGM.

  • What was the reasoning behind the recent Buyback of shares (in early 2015)?

    We heard the concerns expressed by some shareholders about the difficulty they were having in selling shares, and responded to these concerns. The Board decided to allocate up to £400,000 to Buyback Ordinary Shares from those Shareholders who wished to sell, allowing them to exit, potentially stimulating secondary trading in remaining shares, and creating value for remaining Shareholders.

  • How often is the Company’s property portfolio valued?

    Our portfolio is valued annually by GVA Grimleys.

  • Why should I invest in The Ethical Property Company?

    First and foremost, our existence supports hundreds of organisations working towards a variety of fantastically worthwhile causes.  In turn, our shareholders benefit from the payment of an annual dividend, an attractive investment in commercial property and the fact that they are making a single investment that supports our tenant organisations for the long term rather than a single investment supporting just one organisation. There is no majority shareholder and only 36 investors hold more than 50,000 shares, representing 60% of the Company.

  • I am a shareholder and would like to receive newsletters and updates via email?

    We try encourage all shareholders to supply us with an email address, via which we can send all communications, unless we are legally obliged to provide paper copies. If you are shareholder and would like to receive emails from us in future, please help us save money and resources by filling in your details here.

  • I would like to discuss my investment, my contact details or my investor code – who should I call?

    Details of all the appropriate contact details for changing your address, confirming your investor code, buying or selling shares or discussing your investment can be found here

  • How does the company communicate with investors once they have purchased shares?

    Each new shareholder is required to provide us with an email address when they purchase shares.  All quarterly newsletters, Annual Reports and shareholder information is then sent to this address, unless we are legally required to send hard copies.  We also invite all shareholders to attend our AGM, held in March each year, as well as smaller, more informal shareholder events, held in each region throughout the year.

  • Who are Ethex and what is their relationship to The Ethical Property Company?

    Ethex is the UK’s first not-for-profit platform for positive investors through which over £12m was invested in 2014. They makes positive investing easy to understand and do so by providing a direct way for individuals to invest in businesses they believe in, such as The Ethical Property Company. They help bring together the growing number of individuals looking to gain social and environmental returns as well as financial returns with ethical businesses.

  • I would like to sell my shares, or I would like to buy more shares, how can I go about this?

    In either case you should contact Ethex.  Ethex operate a Matched Bargain Market in Ethical Property shares which aims to put buyers and sellers in touch with each other. If you wish to sell your shares you will need to provide your share certificate. If you have mislaid the certificate you should contact Ethex to arrange a replacement.