Board and SMT visit TGH

Ethical Property's New Board visit The Green House

Exciting times for Ethical Property with our latest building, The Green House, really starting to take shape. Earlier this week our Senior Management team and Board made their way up to the terrace of our new building in Bethnal Green to take a look at the progress that’s been made so far. The schedule for the project is moving along rapidly with the builders aiming to get the scaffolding down any day now.

Surrounded by Cross Laminated Timber, an eco-friendly alternative to concrete, the team were pleased to see how the building design works and the quality of the working environment it will provide our tenants. 

Space is filling up fast but there are still office spaces available to rent, so get in touch for a viewing: thegreenhouse [at] (subject: The%20Green%20House%2C%20Bethnal%20Green%2C%20enquiry)