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Ethical Property Recruit for Managing Director and Non-Executive Directors

The Ethical Property Company has achieved so much in its first 20 years, providing affordable workspace to those who most deserve it – the charities, community groups, campaigns and social businesses working for a fairer and more sustainable society. The Company invented workspace before it even existed - when now it is commonplace. Times move on, and people do too.

We are now looking to recruit our third-ever Managing Director, an outstanding individual who can keep the company at the cutting edge of social change for the next 20 years. And we are seeking two new Non-Executive Directors, equally able to innovate and think outside of the box.

So what kind of directors are we looking for? With over £60 million in property assets and a need to compete in the incredibly fast-growing workspace market, you would expect commercial property skills to be high on the list of asks. But our Board is already well endowed in property, finance and governance skills. And we all work well together as a team.

A greater concern is that with a board made up solely of white, older men, we lack the breadth and diversity of thinking needed to keep the company at the cutting edge.  So we are more attracted to candidates that can innovate, can think outside of the box, and that have the vision to clearly see what the Company needs to aim for in the modern day if it is to advance its social mission, to remain unique and to stay ahead.

We think we need directors who can complement (and perhaps also compliment!) the existing board. They should bring a new excitement and energy to how a large property portfolio can best be brought to bear to achieve maximum social impact. They should help us determine how a property company can help to tackle some of the most challenging problems of the modern day, and can influence the wider property sector to do the same.

Which are the social change organisations that we should we attract as our tenants, that will be most effective in tackling inequality, austerity and climate change, in reforming finance and in shaping the UK post-Brexit? And how can The Ethical Property Company hone its business model to the point where its workspace provision truly maximises the impact of these groups?

A growing property company is always hungry for new capital, and finance that supports a social mission to make property work for social change organisations rather than maximising profits is not so easy to find. But attracting social investment is as much about building a movement as it is about building a strong financial case. So how can the company build a committed following of people keen to invest in the business and willing to provide the long term patient capital to set up further centres in support of positive social change? And once secured, how can that money best be invested in properties that are both affordable to tenants and in high demand?

We are planning to expand our Non-Executive Board from five to seven members, and to bring around the table individuals with a wide range of skills - in property and community development, finance, and social mission.

But where assembling a strong Board for such an important social business is not easy, finding our next Managing Director is a challenge second to none. This individual needs to cover all of these bases, rolling the skills of seven people into one. This requires a truly outstanding individual.

Can this one person lead a staff team of 100 people and manage properties used by 1,000 charities, community and campaign groups and social enterprises, while still remaining open and accessible? Strengthen social impact whilst maximising the commercial performance of a £60 million property portfolio?  And form a strong connection with investors ranging from the socially committed, but financially less sophisticated, to the hard nosed city institution?

Some may say we are asking the impossible, but we don’t think so. We are only asking for something new  - a new way of thinking, a new way of doing business, a challenge to the established norm. We are looking for leaders who understand this future, and have the vision and skills to lead the Company forward. Because social business is no longer ‘a way’ but is now ‘the way’ to do business, and we think it is here to stay.

If you think you have what it takes to be the Managing Director or a Non-Executive Director of The Ethical Property Company, full details of how to apply can be found here