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  • Shareholders voting at the 2019 AGM

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Over the last few months we have been working hard to strengthen The Ethical Property Company’s offering to investors in two crucial areas:

•    The safeguarding of our social mission on the long term
•    Making it easier to buy and sell our shares at any time and at a fair price.

These two exciting initiatives will be presented to shareholders and voted on at our Extraordinary General Meeting, which will be held in Bristol on the 19th of November from midday onwards. But first we would ask you to let us know your views by undertaking this 15 minute survey. We would really value your feedback, which will help us to plan our business strategy.

Below you can find three leaflets explaining the changes we plan to make.


Safeguarding our social mission iocn, two hands protecting a heart Investment icon handshake icon
How we propose to better safeguard our social mission Making it easier to buy and sell our shares Changing our share registrar to Ethex’s new online, certificateless service


Do please complete the short survey below, as soon as you can or alternatively simply email us your thoughts or questions at invest [at] ethicalproperty.co.uk:

Take the survey

The results of the survey will be made available on our website in early October. If you provide your email as part of the survey we will send you a copy of the results.

If you are a shareholder, we would also be very grateful if you would provide us with your email address, so we can send you updates on the company’s progress and activities, including letting you know when the survey results are ready! You can sign up to our e-newsletters by clicking here.

Many thanks for your continued support for The Ethical Property Company.