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Our Tenants' Views: Ethex/Energise Africa on Global Climate Strike Week

Why is the Global Climate Strike and/or action on climate change important to your organisation?

The team at Ethex and Energise Africa are passionate about speaking out and making our voices heard when it comes to climate action. We are proud to support and take part in the climate strikes and stand among other like-minded people who are demanding immediate action on climate change.

How is your organisation tackling climate change?

It is Ethex and Energise Africa’s mission to connect organisations and businesses that want to tackle some of societies biggest challenges including tackling climate change and supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with everyday people who want to use their money to have an impact. Both online impact investing platforms have more than 17,000 everyday people investing from just £50 and combined have raised more than £80 million to provide organisations with affordable finance to scale and grow. Some of the organisations and projects we have supported include community-owned renewable energy, electric charging vehicle infrastructure and sustainable and biodynamic farming.

What changes are you making or have you made?

Both Ethex and Energise Africa were set up with a clear focus to promote action on climate change. For our platforms to increase their impact then we need to get the message out far and wide that ordinary people as well as making more sustainable changes to their lifestyles, also need to look carefully at what their money is supporting. We would encourage all adults participating in the climate march to make their money matter. Such is the scaling potential of Energise Africa that 20 governments at a recent meeting identified it as one of 100 clean energy innovations that were capable of delivering 3 gigatons in greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030.

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