Ethical Property in Solidarity with Global Climate Strike

Ethical Property in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike

We’re in the middle of a crisis, a climate crisis, and since we have failed to take adequate action, young people are leading the way by organising a Global Climate Strike. We all have the chance to make a positive change by taking part.

The Global Climate Strike is being led by Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg, with organisations including the Campaign Against Climate Change and the UK Student Climate Network, and comes three days ahead of a United Nations climate action summit in New York.

“We are in a climate emergency. What are we going to do to help? We’ve had the planet as the heart of what we do since we formed, but clearly we can do more. The Global Climate Strike will see millions of people out on the street, demanding an end to fossil fuels and climate justice for all. 

We believe in the power to enact positive change, and we commit to giving our employees the opportunity to be part of the strike on 20th September.” Conrad Peberdy, MD

We have just over a decade to begin to make unprecedented changes to how we power our society, our cars and houses and cities, or our climate, environment, and way of life will be rendered unrecognisable.

  “Our house is on fire,” says Greta Thunberg, the Swedish high school student who started a global youth-led movement by actually doing something about it. Frustrated that her country’s leaders weren’t taking the crisis seriously enough, she started skipping school and sitting down in front of the Swedish parliament to protest their inaction. Greta’s simple act sparked a movement.

The United Nations is hosting the Climate Action Summit on September 23 in New York City. Let’s make sure they hear us. Let’s make sure everyone hears us. We’re ready to stand with this amazing generation of student leaders and call for a just, fair, and fast transition to a 100% renewable energy economy.

Employees and Tenants of The Ethical Property company  up and down the county will be joining them by striking on the 20th September. Our team care passionately about this topic and believe this is the moment to turn that passion into action. We will be supporting employees to down tools and add their voices to those across the country and beyond. We will also be contributing to events planned by hosting activities such as banner making workshops, talks and encouraging more people to try plant based living in some of our centres.

This is the issue of our lifetimes and the time to act is now. We cannot continue with business as normal.