Tenants at Scotia Works, Sheffield

3 Tips for being Ethical in the Property Industry

Ethical Property is changing the way we all profit from property. Our Managing Director shares her advice on what it means to be Ethical in the industry today:

1.    Be transparent and honest – Taking the time to answer Tenants’ questions, explaining how we operate and understanding any problems is essential. Tenants appreciate our ability to be open and flexible with them, and the time we take to understand their needs.

2.    Recruit people who have excellent technical skills but also who understand our values – This may take longer but we ensure we recruit people who understand what we are trying to achieve and have a real enthusiasm to work for us.

3.    Be brave – it may be a cliché, but do what is right not what is easy.  We developed our largest building to date, The Foundry, in the middle of the recession, with very uncertain funding.  But our Tenants needed the building more than ever at that time – we filled it quickly, and it’s now our most successful project!


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