Company FAQs

  • What do you do?

    We offer affordable, flexible office and retail space that supports the work of some of the UK’s most dynamic and influential charities and not-for-profit organisations.

  • What makes you ethical?

    Ethical Property was founded as a social business based on five fundamental values; equity and fairness, sustainability, responsibility, collaboration and partnership, and learning. We strive to reflect these principles in all the work that we undertake. As the business has grown these values have been incorporated into “The Quintessentials”, the Ethical Property Family’s definition of how we aspire to conduct our business and how we are accountable for the ethical performance of the Company.

  • How do I become a shareholder?

    Anyone can become a shareholder in Ethical Property! We use the Ethex UK platform to sell our shares, you can find out more here.

  • What is the return if I invest?

    The Ethical Property Company is a social business, managing commercial property that supports the work of some of the UK’s most dynamic and influential charities and not-for-profit organisations. We have offered a dividend to all of our shareholders since our inception in 1998. As a commercial property company we are a low risk asset offering long term capital growth.  

    Our dedication to the “Triple Bottom Line” means we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our buildings and supporting worth-while organisations. We audit ourselves on both these fields.

    There is more information on how to become a shareholder on the Ethex website here.

  • Who are your tenants?

    We have a wide variety of organisations as tenants. The list includes charities, social enterprises, community groups, not-for-profit organisations, small local businesses and green/ethical businesses.

  • Do you offer meeting and conference space to non-tenants?

    Some of our Centres do offer meeting and conference space which can be booked by external organisations, please see details below:

    Bristol: St Pauls Learning Centre, The Unitarian Meeting Hall

    London: The Foundry, Resource for London

  • Are you a charity?

    We are a social business; we have shareholders, turn a profit and pay a dividend. This means we are self-sufficient, mobile, and sustainable and do not depend upon grants or funding from the government. Every year Ethical Property is audited on financial income, social performance and environmental impact (as stipulated in The Quintessentials).

    We do have a sister charity called The Ethical Property Foundation who offer independent, ethical advice and training to help charities and voluntary groups rent, buy, let or manage their property.

  • Do you offer free office space?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer space pro-bono – however we do offer a “Rent Hardship Fund” to current tenants that may be experiencing short-term funding problems. This funding is made available from shareholders who waive their dividend at the end of the financial year. We have helped support many tenant organisations this way.

  • Can only charities apply for space from you?

    The majority of our Centres are available for a wide range of organisations. The list includes charities, social enterprises, community groups, not-for-profit organisations, small local businesses and green/ethical businesses. Some of our centres have stricter criteria (The Foundry and Resource for London), and some of our space within buildings may be restricted to registered charities only.

    The Foundry’s policy is to let space to social justice organisations. These could be non-profit organisations or social enterprises. By 'social justice organisations' we mean organisations that aim to reduce structural injustice, abuses of human rights, inequality or unequal distribution of resources in the UK or further afield. If you are applying to be a tenant you will need to be approved by the Social Justice and Human Rights Centre Board.

    Resource for London only accepts charities with objectives that benefit London. If you wish to apply for office space at this Centre your application will have to be approved by the Resource for London Board.

  • Are there any charges other than rent that I would need to consider?

    The vast majority of our Centres offer fully-serviced office space (covering everything including rent/licence fee, all office services, (utilities, waste, recycling, and fire and security provision), use of meeting rooms, phone lines and broadband connection). More information about what is included at each of our Centres can be found on each Centre page.

  • Are there any secretarial or reception services available?

    Some of our Centres have a staffed reception. This can be confirmed by looking at the Facilities section on each individual Centre page.

  • Are you a property agent?

    Yes, but we are also a social business, which means we are far more reasonable and nice! 

  • Do I need a solicitor before I become a tenant?

    You may need to consult a solicitor as we ask all tenants to sign a waiver to the Landlord and Tenant act 1954 (LTA) - for the exclusion from the protection of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 to be valid, you need to make a Statutory Declaration confirming that you are aware that you are waiving some legal rights. The Statutory Declaration needs to be sworn in front of a solicitor, who will charge a fee of around £10.

  • Do I pay a deposit?

    Yes, our standard terms require a deposit of one month’s rent to be paid before you can become an Ethical Property tenant.

  • How can I arrange a viewing?

    If you are interested in viewing office space, please fill in our online space enquiry form – this will be sent directly to our Sales team and they will be in contact with you within two working days in regards to arranging a visit at one of our Centres. If there isn’t any available space, we will ask if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

  • How can I find out what available space you have?

    They are all listed by region here. We do not list available office space, as this can turn around very quickly. If you fill in the online space enquiry form, our Sales team will contact you about what available offices we have and will arrange with you to view.

  • How do I pay?

    Our standard terms for payment are that tenant set up a Direct Debit. We will need proof of a completed Direct Debit mandate before we issue any new tenant keys to their office.

  • What if I want to share my unit with another company or individual?

    Ethical Property does not allow tenants to sub-let their office space to other organisations.

  • What is in my unit when I move in?

    We do not offer furnished space, so all that will be in your unit when you first arrive is carpet, sockets, phone lines and a Property Manager to welcome you to the Centre!  


  • What sort of properties do you have to rent?

    There is a huge variety in history, design and aesthetics in our building portfolio. There are photos and descriptions for each building on the individual Centre pages on this website.

  • What makes a landlord like-minded to Ethical Property?

    When we mention “like-minded landlords” we are referring to organisations that own property, share our values and let space to similar organisations as Ethical Property. Like-minded landlords need to be committed to using their buildings for the benefit of communities, looking to reduce the environmental impacts of their activities and keen to ensure their buildings are financially sustainable. Like-minded landlords that we currently work alongside include charities, local authorities, and CIC’s.

  • How long will I have to wait for space to become available?

    Currently our occupancy levels are very high so we have very little vacant space available for new tenants, therefore at the majority of our Centres, space only becomes available when a current tenant leaves. Our flexible terms and conditions mean that a tenant can leave at any point during their contract as long as they serve their notice period. Notice periods range from 1-6 months depending on the size of the unit they occupy

  • How long are the contracts that you offer?

    For office spaces we offer five-year leases and for desk spaces three-year licences. Our flexible terms mean that tenants are able to hand in their notice at any point during this time.

  • What is the process for renting an office/desk?

    If you are interested in becoming an Ethical tenant, please fill in our online space enquiry form. If there is no space available to suit your requirements we will add you to our mailing/waiting list – our sales team will then stay in touch with you as and when space does become available. Once space becomes available we will contact you to arrange a viewing.