The Ethical Property Company is governed by a Board of Directors, who are supported by a Senior Management Team.

Our Board consists of five Non-executive Directors and one Managing Director. They meet at least five times each year – meetings are also attended by our Senior Management Team.

Additionally, there are three sub-committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Remuneration and Nominations Committee
  • Investment Committee

Please note: The Board reviews its performance each year, and reflects on whether it contains the appropriate mix of skills required to enable the company to meet its objectives.

Our Board

  • Paul Bellack, Non-Executive Board Member, Ethical Property

    Paul Bellack

    Non-executive Director
    Paul joined The Ethical Property Company in 1999 after 19 years with Sun Life of Canada as Property Fund Manager. Paul founded and runs a commercial property investment company and has worked with social change groups including the Big Issue and Out Of This World on a variety of property matters.
  • Sam Clarke, Chair, Ethical Property

    Sam Clarke

    Sam has chaired a number of value driven organisations including Friends of the Earth, New Economics Foundation, and the Climate Coalition. He is currently chair of the Low Carbon Hub and Charity Mentors. Sam lives in Oxford and previously chaired the company from 2000 to 2010.
  • Jamie Hartzell, Non-Executive Board Member, Ethical Property

    Jamie Hartzell

    Non-executive Director
    Jamie is one of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs, and an investor in a wide range of social businesses. He is a director of Tonic Housing, providing accommodation for elderly members of the LGBT community; chair of the leading Fairtrade chocolate company Divine, and a director of Positive Money. He founded the company in 1998 and led it for 13 years. He also founded the social crowdfunding platform Ethex.
  • David Loggia, Non-Executive Board Member, Ethical Property

    David Loggia

    Non-executive Director
    David manages a family investment office which aims to use investment capital to achieve positive social change. He is active in the UK and Australia, and focused on property, education, health and renewable energy. David is also a director of Goodwill Wines Australia and 2X Ideas.
  • Mark Luntley, Non-Executive Board Member, Ethical Property

    Mark Luntley

    Non-executive Director
    Mark joined Ethical Property in 2013. A qualified accountant, Mark is also Non Executive Director of Energy4All. Mark also chairs the Oxfordshire Credit Union and is a Director of the Westmill Windfarm Co-op and Westmill Solar Coops. Mark is an elected board member of REScoop - the federation of European Renewable Energy Cooperatives.

Annual Reports