There have been all sorts of interesting knock-on effects as a result of the pandemic, but certainly the fluffiest and cuddliest of them all is the serious increase in pet ownership that has been seen since March 2020.

Apparently, 3.2 million households around the UK have welcomed a new pet into the fold since the start of the pandemic, which means that there are now an amazing 17 million pet-owning homes right here on our shores… that’s a lot of cuteness right there!

But now that “freedom day” has come and gone, and people are now considering their next move - whether hybrid working both from home and the office or heading back to a workspace full time - it’s important to think about how your furry friends will cope if you do decide to be away from home for extended periods of time.

They’ll have certainly got used to having you around and will have loved spending all this extra time with you, so animal welfare will naturally be at the forefront of your mind. And taking steps to help them with separation anxiety could be a wise move.

Of course, there’s one great way to get around this potential problem - and that’s taking your pet to work with you! Not only will this keep your four-legged pals more than happy since they get to be with you all day, but there are all sorts of wellbeing benefits, something that has never been more important.

We all know how stressful the world of work can be, but pets can be very effective stress busters, getting us away from our desks and remembering to take regular breaks, allowing us to then head back to whatever we’re working on feeling refreshed and recharged.

Research shows that pet-friendly work environments are also more productive, happier and more engaged, with colleagues trusting each other more and working together more effectively… as this recent study from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute just goes to show.

So this is why many Ethical Property centres are dog-friendly workspaces, and we’re even rolling out trials in a few more locations in anticipation of this growing need. We believe that flexibility and fair prices are really important considerations when choosing your next workplace, but also that communal facilities and flexibility about how our tenants are able to use our spaces are just as important.

Are you looking for office space? We’d love to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss which of our dog-friendly workspaces around the UK are right for you.