Mark O'Shaughnessy, Resolution Records based at Green Park Station, Bath

Record Store Day: 25 years of Resolution Records

Why just celebrate record stores for one day, when Bath’s own Mark O’Shaugnessy’s Resolution Records has been providing the soundtrack to many peoples’ lives for 25 years.

As major music retailers have fallen, the steady growth of Resolution Records proves the important role of independent retailers. Becoming a tenant of Ethical Property’s Green Park Station as a market stall holder and then finding a home in one of our cabins, Resolution Records is now housed in one of the permanent retail spaces within the station building.

 “One of the benefits of physically buying music, rather than downloading it, is that you connect with the album as a whole piece of work. Things get a bit disjointed if you can skip through with your thumb – it’s not as engaging.” said Mark O’Shaughnessy.

Later this year Ethical Property will celebrate 10 years of Green Park Station becoming part of the Ethical Property family.


image: © Mark O’Shaughnessy