Miles Willis, Bees

Our Tenants' Views: Sustain on Global Climate Strike Week

Why is the Climate Strike and/or action on climate change important to your organisation?

How and what we farm and fish, eat and dispose of are some of the biggest contributors to dangerous climate change and precipitous loss of nature. In the UK, over 70% of the land area is used for farming, over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions arise from the food system, and a third of the food that is produced goes to waste. Intensive farming and fishing practices are the main drivers of biodiversity loss on land and at sea, meaning that fixing the food, farming and fishing system is one of the key ways to avert climate change and restore nature.

How is your organisation tackling climate change?

In 2019, Sustain has joined others in declaring a 'climate and nature emergency', and working with our alliance members and Sustainable Food Cities around the UK we will help translate local declarations of emergency into promoting climate- and nature-friendly farming; improving; shortening food supply chains; promoting sustainable diets; and radically reducing food waste. We work with hundreds of national organisations targeting national policy and business change, and helped found the Eating Better alliance to champion ‘less and better’ meat and dairy.

What changes are you making or have you made?

We’ve been inspired by the school strike movement and feel a great responsibility to all young people, to help protect and restore the natural systems that feed us. Several Sustain staff members and volunteers will be joining the Climate Strike day of action. Those who do not join in person will be there in spirit and use this day to re-double our efforts to promote the economic, policy and legislative conditions for better food, farming and fishing to thrive and accelerate into the mainstream. Our food and future depend on it.


Sustain is a tenant of the Green House building, which provides social organisations with office space in East London