FOE, Climate March

Our Tenants' Views: Friends of the Earth Scotland on Global Climate Strike Week

Why is the Climate Strike and/or action on climate change important to your organisation?

Our organisation exists to campaign for climate and environmental justice. Climate change is already destroying communities across the world and it is those who have done the least to cause this crisis who are hit first and worst.

The climate strikes are a massive inspiration to people in our organisation who have been campaigning on this for years. The momentum and power they have built in a short space of time is incredible. If we are going to prevent the very worst of the climate crisis, we need urgent action within the next decade, so everyone needs to get behind the climate strikers and make this count

How is your organisation tackling climate change? What changes are you making or have you made?

Friends of the Earth Scotland tackles climate change by demanding stronger policies and targets from governments on a national and international level, holding climate wrecking corporations to account and by supporting grassroots activist groups to build a strong, people-powered movement for change. While we think personal and organisational efforts to reduce carbon emissions are important, if we are going to tackle the climate crisis we need change at a systemic level.


Friends of the Earth Scotland is a tenant in Thorn House, which provides office space to rent in Edinburgh