EPC, Employing Ethically

Employing Ethically

As a business with a commitment to a positive social, environmental and financial impact, it is important to us that we treat all of our employees in an ethical way.  Here are just a few of the ways in which we do this:

  • We ensure that there is a fair ratio between our highest paid employee (our Managing Director) and our lowest paid employees (Cleaners), of no more than 5:1, and instead of outsourcing our Cleaners, we employee them directly where possible, which means they have exactly the same terms of employment as other employees. 

  • All our employees are paid at least the living wage as set by The Living Wage Foundation which is considerably higher than the Government set National living wage. 

  • When we appoint senior managers we like to involve a range of employees on our interview panels during the recruitment process, which has proved to be very successful.

  • We actively support green travel for our employees by having a paid-for company bike scheme, we also offer the Government cycle to work scheme, we have secure bike rack facilities, offer season ticket loans for cheaper public transport and even offer relocation allowances to help employees move closer to their work base in order to reduce the environmental impact of their commute to work.  

  • Every year we run a confidential survey that we send to all employees. We then use their ideas and suggestions to make improvements to working practices and our benefits. This has led to changes such as; two paid-for bike services a year rather than one for those employees who use their bikes to commute to work, free 2 x salary life insurance cover for all employees, and paid time-off to volunteer with our Tenants. Other benefits which are planned to come in to place this year are a buying and selling annual leave scheme and an employee assistance programme – both of which were staff ideas!

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