December 2012 - What's in a name?

The Social Justice Centre has been the ‘working title’ for this project since it's inception in 2009. It was always expected that when a building was eventually found, a new name would be chosen that reflected the building itself. Once the building in Vauxhall was purchased we therefore began to consider a suitable name for the centre ready for its opening next year. We wanted a name that would look forwards, acknowledging the future work that would go on within it but would also reflect the history of the building itself.
A variety of names could have been used. The building may once have been a mint and for many years was a polish factory - we could have paid homage to this history. Being located equidistant from both Oval and Vauxhall tube stations, we could have opted for a geographical name. Or we could have simply gone for a number - the building is number 142 Vauxhall St and if we create a new entrance on Oval Way, we could have adopted a number of our choice! But none of these really reveal what goes on within the building, or the vision of the centre.

The discussion ranged far and wide, and finally ‘The Foundry’ was hit upon on. This recognises the industrial heritage of the building, yet also highlights the centre’s work in forging a better future, supporting organisation's challenging inequality and injustice, as well as working to create a fairer society both in the UK and worldwide. we think it is a fitting name for the centre and we hope that you do too!

Janine Woodwood is Sales and Development Manager at Ethical Property. / @ethicalspace /

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