Waste Less, Live More week - September 17th-23rd 2012

Next week, Ethical Property, in partnership with Development House tenant Waste Watch, will be celebrating the first ever Waste Less, Live More week. This signals the start of a national campaign aiming to raise awareness of how environmental and social issues are interlinked.
Between 17- 23 September there will be a host of activities and events put on across the UK by a diverse range of organisations, businesses and charities encouraging people to perform a simple act big or small – that supports both people and the environment. The aim is to demonstrate how we can all live better whilst consuming less.
Ethical Property are organising shared lunches in each of our centres, for our tenants to enjoy local, homemade food together. Each centre will also exhibit an interactive poster, on which tenants will include ways they already work to Waste Less and Live More. At Development House, the activities include the inaugural meeting of a Gardening Club; recycling and waste training; the introduction of a wormery; and a special event involving Chutney!
For further information about what is going on during the week or to get involved in Waste Less, Live More week visit: www.wastelesslivemore.com
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