The Ethical Property Foundation

The Ethical Property Foundation was founded in 2004 to offer charities, community groups, councils and social enterprises independent property advice, training and consultancy. 
Their award-winning Property Advice Service has helped more than 2,000 organisations make informed decisions about buying, selling, managing, and leasing property and land.  The level of assistance they provide ranges from answering quick questions, to on-going and in-depth support. They have helped organisations understand the terms and conditions of their leases; avoid expensive property mistakes; and to take a strategic view of their property assets. Ultimately, they aim to build the confidence and skills of those they help so they are better able to deal with property issues.
The Foundation provides:
  • Help and guidance on any charity property question or issue 
  • Easy-to-understand practical solutions 
  • Knowledge-sharing and confidence-building
  • Advice for trustees on their obligations 
  • Access to expert property professionals 
Charities that need property assistance should visit the Foundation's website at, for useful, detailed and jargon-free information. The site should provide most of the answers to queries about a charity’s property.
For more in-depth issues, call 0300 333 6595 or email
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