Share performance

Buying transferable shares in the Ethical Property Company puts your money at the heart of the business, giving you a stake in its ownership and the rights to a dividend.

The company has paid a dividend every year since 2000 – at the Annual General Meeting held on 11th March 2015, shareholders voted to approve the payment of a dividend of 2 pence per share. The company’s dividends policy is to pay a dividend to shareholders equal to at least 50% of its trading profits each year. Retained profits are then used to enhance shareholder value through the building of a cash reserve, repayment of loans or reinvestment in properties. 
Historic dividends    
Date Dividend paid  
09/04/2016 2.2 pence  
09/04/2015 2 pence  
09/04/2014 1.5 pence  
30/04/2013 1.5 pence  
30/04/2012 2 pence  
30/04/2011 3 pence  
30/04/2010 3.5 pence  
30/04/2009 3.25 pence  
30/04/2008 3.25 pence  
30/04/2007 3.25 pence  
30/04/2006 3.25 pence  
30/04/2005 3 pence  

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