Our values

The Ethical Property Company was founded on the basis of five fundamental values:
  • Equity and fairness - through provision of property we support organisations that are striving to create a more equal and just society
  • Sustainability - we support physical and social structures that lead to a sustainable lifestyle with a positive environmental impact that uses only our fair share of the planet’s resources
  • Responsibility - every decision we make will take account of financial, environmental and social impacts
  • Collaboration and partnership - we believe that the world’s problems are better solved by people working together rather than alone
  • Learning - we will implement a process of continual learning, with regular evaluations of our services and practices to ensure we constantly evolve the way we do business with the aim of ensuring best practice.
The Quintessentials are the five core principles of governance and management which apply to all property companies within the Ethical Property family‚Äč
  1. The Triple Bottom Line - investment in Ethical Property offers investors a financial, social and environmental return
  2. Ethical client criteria - property and services are provided to organisations that meet the ethical criteria
  3. Ethical management - Ethical Property manages its business in a way that demonstrates its ethicality
  4. Ethical governance - Ethical Property maintains a high standard of governance, transparency and honesty in their business, and has governance procedures in place which safeguard its ethicality
  5. Transparent reporting - Ethical Property’s socialenvironmental and financial performance is reported clearly, openly and honestly to stakeholders.
More information about our values can be found in our Annual Reports.
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