Our values

The Ethical Property Company was founded on the basis of four fundamental values, which continue to drive all that we do:

Creation of an equal and just society
We believe in treating all people equally and with respect. We work to remove all access barriers to our properties, to the services provided by us and by our tenants, to the jobs we offer, and to investment in the company. We aim to overcome colour, gender, class and other barriers by ensuring that all sectors of society can participate equally in what we offer and who we employ. We aim to overcome wealth barriers by ensuring that our services remain affordable, within the constraints of our business model.
Creation of a sustainable society
We believe in encouraging behaviour and building both physical and social structures that lead to a sustainable lifestyle with a positive environmental impact and that uses only our fair share of the planet’s resources.
Embedding values in business and in society as a whole
We believe that every action we take and decision we make as a business should be based on the Triple Bottom Line of People-Planet-Profit, reflecting the values we aspire to, not just the financial return. Complete transparency and honesty allows us to identify issues, address them, control ethical performance and celebrate real success. In this, we want to see ourselves as an example for others to follow.
Creating positive communities
We believe that the world’s problems are better solved by people working together than alone, and that living in a positive community leads to a happier and more fulfilling life.
Our Quintessentials set out the five management principles that enable us to put our values into practice:
  • Using the triple bottom line approach to evaluate all business decisions
  • Providing services only to organisations which satisfy our ethical criteria
  • Managing our properties in a way which is supportive to our tenants and avoids damage to the environment
  • Maintaining high standards of governance, honesty and transparency
  • Reporting openly and honestly to our investors and other stakeholders on our social, environmental and financial performance.
More information about our values can be found in our Annual Reports.
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