Our shareholders

Our shareholders come from a variety of backgrounds, with most being small investors. There is no majority shareholder and only 42 investors with holdings over 50,000 shares, including institutional investors such as Rathbone Greenbank Investments and Aviva and a number of trusts and foundations. 
Shares are not quoted on the London Stock Exchange or the Alternative Investment Market.  We instead chose to work with our stockbrokers to develop a matched bargain market, which is now used by a number of other social businesses.  Our brokers therefore use all reasonable endeavours to match willing buyers and sellers.
Shareholders have historically chosen to invest in The Ethical Property Company as a way to contribute to positive social change. They would like to see us grow, whilst maintaining our strong beliefs and core values. As such, an impressive 82% of those surveyed in 2009 would consider investing in our next share issue, proof of their commitment to smart and sustainable investment and something that brings a new dimension to the idea of owning shares: the wish to invest in social change.

Anyone can buy shares in Ethical Property at any time by contacting Ethex, an independent non-profit organisation that presents clear and comprehensive information on a variety of ethical savings and investments.
To buy or sell shares in The Ethical Property Company or to find out more information about how to invest, please click here.  Alternatively, please see the latest shareholder newsletters in the panel opposite.
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