Our Quintessentials

In fifteen years, Ethical Property has grown from two people with a vision to a family of five companies and one charity, operating in four countries and employing over seventy people. Central to our success has been holding fast to our faith in the Ethical Property model.
Built around strong management, transparency and a firm conviction that it is possible to make money whilst doing good, we have worked hard to ensure that the values with which we set up the business are as strong as they were twelve years ago.
With our expansion into Belgium, France, the Netherlands and perhaps even Kenya, and the creation of new service companies such as Ethical IT, the need for a shared set of values looms large.  In the interest of strong and transparent governance, we have chosen to enshrine the very essence of our ethical model in the Quintessentials – five essential principles for running a successful Ethical Property company. These principles allow us to provide clear guidance to anyone wanting to join the Ethical Property family, and also offer a way to make accountable family members who might later stray from the path.
Who should we rent our properties to? How do we balance social, environmental and financial returns? What are the principles of good governance for an ethical business? And how much time should we dedicate to social auditing and reporting? It is questions such as these that the Quintessentials are designed to answer. 

More information about Quintessentials can be found in our Annual Reports.
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