Our Quintessentials

The Quintessentials are the Ethical Property family’s definition of how it aspires to conduct its business and how it makes itself accountable for ethical performance. They are founded on our purpose, vision and values.
In 17 years, Ethical Property has grown from two people with a vision to a family of five companies and one charity, operating in four countries and employing over seventy people. Built around strong management, values, transparency and a firm conviction that it is possible to make money whilst doing good, we have worked hard to ensure that the values with which we set up the business are as strong as they were 17 years ago.
With our expansion, and in the interest of strong and transparent governance, we have chosen to enshrine the very essence of our ethical model in the Quintessentials – the five core principles of governance and management which apply to all property companies within the Ethical Property family. These principles allow us to provide clear guidance to anyone wanting to join the Ethical Property family, and also offer a way to make family members accountable for their actions and activities.
  1.  The Triple Bottom Line - investment in Ethical Property offers investors a financial, social and environmental return
  2. Ethical client criteria - property and services are provided to organisations that meet the ethical criteria
  3. Ethical management - Ethical Property manages its business in a way that demonstrates its ethicality.
  4. Ethical governance - Ethical Property maintains a high standard of governance, transparency and honesty in their business, and has governance procedures in place which safeguard its ethicality.
  5. Transparent reporting - Ethical Property’s social, environmental and financial performance is reported clearly, openly and honestly to stakeholders. 
Who should we rent our properties to? How do we balance social, environmental and financial returns? What are the principles of good governance for an ethical business? And how much time should we dedicate to social auditing and reporting? It is questions such as these that the Quintessentials are designed to answer. 
Detailed information regarding our Quintessentials can be downloaded opposite.
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