On Road Media Undoc Camp - July 26th 2012

Undoc Camp - Developing tech solutions to challenges faced by undocumented migrants

Over a day and half in July, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation came alive with drumming, dancing, painting, digital innovation and brainstorming.  Personal stories and experiences were shared, connections were made, ideas were developed and fun was had.

Undoc Camp brought over 100 people together from different backgrounds and experiences to work on ways that digital technology and the web could help young people and children who have irregular immigration status access support and information in the UK.

There were inspirational activities and words, bringing the issues to life, from Refugee Youth, the Islington Law Centre, Alice Myers from the Children's Society, Maryam Pasha from Migrants' Rights Network and a performing artist from Colombia. Looking at how technology can create social change, Carrie Bishop from Future Gov, Adil Abrar from Sidekick Studios, Adizah Tejani from Apps for Good and Dan McQuillan from SiCamp gave brief presentations.

Six teams, made of young people with personal experience of the issues, migrant and advice sector professionals, tech experts and social entrepreneurs worked intensively through the day. They focused on six key areas where young people face challenges, including accessing information about their status, legal support, and support when they first arrive in the UK, help when they face return, building trusted networks and raising awareness. At the end of the day, eight teams pitched their ideas and some common themes were apparent: Building trust, connecting with organisations already working with young people, and ensuring that young people have access to the services they need.

Two runners-up were chosen by an expert panel of judges. The first idea was a text messaging service called 'First Help' designed to help young people when they first arrive in the UK. The second runner-up, 'SecondFriend' was an app and website connecting young people who may not know about their status with people who could support them. 'Migrant Hope' was the winner, from the Legal Advice and Support Team. This idea would create a simple online referral system for individuals not eligible for legal aid, matching them with specialist volunteers who will see if the funding decision can be challenged.

Undoc Camp was part of the 'Digital Undoc' project, commissioned by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy and delivered by On Road Media.

For more information please contact Alana Avery at On Road Media, alana@onroadmedia.org.uk, 020 7324 4790 or Dan Watson at Paul Hamlyn Foundation, dwatson@phf.org.uk 020 7812 3395 / 07738 182 587
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