How to invest

Becoming a shareholder in The Ethical Property Company offers investors the chance to see their investment grow while enabling the Company to maintain its strong beliefs and core values, and its commitment to generating a positive social and environmental return.

Our existing shareholders come from a variety of backgrounds, with most being small investors. There is no majority shareholder and only 42 investors with holdings of over 50,000 shares, including institutional investors such as Rathbone Greenbank Investments and Alliance Trust as well as a number of Trusts and Foundations. 

We are now also approved members of The Social Stock Exchange, a platform that provides access to the world’s first regulated exchange dedicated to businesses and investors seeking to achieve a positive social and environmental change. 30 organisations are currently members with a combined value of over £2bn and member companies must meet a rigorous set of criteria before joining.

We are a positive investment and savings investment business, and The Ethical Property Company fit in perfectly with our values and philosophy.

As tenants in their Oxford building ourselves, we have first-hand experience of the support they offer to the social change sector across the UK and the positive social, environmental and financial outcomes they strive for.

We are delighted to support them and their shareholders using the Ethex platform.
Lisa Ashford, CEO, Ethex

Company shares can be bought and sold via Ethex - a positive investment and savings platform. Through Ethex you can invest and save with businesses you believe in – from renewable energy, fair trade, social housing and organic farming, to green transport, or micro-finance schemes.

The Ethical Property Company and Ethex have a close history, with both companies having been founded by the social entrepreneur, Jamie Hartzell.  Ethex was set up three years ago and is, in fact, a tenant of the Ethical Property Company in The Old Music Hall in Oxford.

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