Frequently asked questions

I am looking for office space but you don’t have a centre where I am based. What should I do?
We’re always interested to hear from people who might want space. Understanding where there is demand for our services helps us to see where we might set up centres in the future. In this situation please get in touch with us to talk about future possibilities for centres either through the space enquiry form or by emailing
I only need office space for a very short period of time. Will you still be able to help?
The short answer is maybe! Whether we can help depends on whether we have vacant space; the length of contract you are looking for and what you plan to do within the space. As always, do get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help.

I don't need an office to myself.  Do you have any other space available?
Our centres contain three types of space; Office space (multiple desks), Desk space (individual desks) and Virtual space (no desk, but use of some communal facilities). Although not all space is available in each centre, we will be as flexible as we can in finding you space that is suitable for your needs.  Details of the space available in each centre can be found on individual centre pages, under 'What's Included'.
Do you have any criteria for tenants or can anyone become an Ethical Property Tenant?
We only work with organisations that we think deliver substantial social change. We have a set of ethical criteria by which we assess tenants (our Quintessentials). Essentially, our tenants must have a defined social purpose that accords with our overall objective of building a sustainable society and a sustainable environment. 
I've just submitted a space enquiry - what happens next?
We will contact you shortly after you have submitted your enquiry with information about our available space, when you can potentially move in and associated costs.  If we are not able to provide space for you for any reason, we will tell you exactly why that is. 
How much does it cost to rent space?
Cost vary from building to building, depending on the space you require.  Indicative costs for each centre can be found on the individual centre pages.
I want to work for Ethical Property, what can I do?
All of our live vacancies are advertised on our website, via our careers page. This is where you will find job descriptions, applications forms and details about the closing date and how to apply. If no vacancies are available, you can submit a speculative application at any time and we will consider you for any future positions.   
Development House -

our largest centre based in London's Old Street, and home to over 25 social change organisations
Scotia Works -

a former cutlery works, beautifully refurbished and close to Sheffield train station and the city centre
Green Park Station -

a thriving platform for local culture and events in the heart of Bath
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