Our projects

ETIC has raised over 2m to finance its first centres in France: Mundo-Montreuil, 1,900 m² of office, meeting, conferencing space with an organic café that will open in March 2015 to house over 40 organizations. Les Ateliers de Castres, in the Southwest, and Le Chateau de Nanterre in the west of Paris.

ETIC has over 50 investors, small private shareholders including employees and tenants, as well as business angels and social investment funds. Ethical Property Belgium has invested 220k and Ethical Property UK 10k as well as offered a 50k bullet loan.

Alongside its investment activity, ETIC manages three centres: Le COMPTOIR-étic in Lyon (a co-working space for social entrepreneurs), La-Nef in Lyon (ETIC manages the offices of this Ethical bank and its conference centre) and Le BeeoTop in Paris, 6,000m² of office & conference space themed on social responsibility.

Thanks to these activities, ETIC is closing its third year with a net positive result of +4k€ and shall close its fourth year with a better result yet.

ETIC is committed to cross-collaboration between the ethical property family members. We invested 90 k€ in two systems to increase sharing across the family: a video-conferencing system and a social network named www.socialchange.eu . Initially developed with ethical property in mind, those systems have now attracted other organisations who manage ethical spaces and networks.

Since its inception in 2010, ETIC has been recognized in the media with 110 appearances (9 TV, 11 radios, and 90 articles) and many prizes.
For more information about the company visit www.etic.co, email contact@etic.co, call +33 (0)4 26 78 24 63 or tweet @eticFR or visit www.facebook.com/etic.fr.
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