Each month, various members of the Ethical Property team write about their work, motivations, frustrations and aspirations.  See below for more info, visit or follow us @ethicalspace.

December 2012 - What's in a name
The Social Justice Centre has been the ‘working title’ for our latest London project since it's inception in 2009. It was always expected that when a building was eventually found, a new name would be chosen. Once the building in Vauxhall was purchased we therefore began to consider a suitable name for the centre, ready for its opening next year. (see more)

November 2012 - A jigsaw puzzle
Planning permission is in, and the overall design is in its final stages. We have a pretty good idea of what the new centre is going to look like. But who is going to be housed there? And where in the myriad of spaces across 5 floors will they be located? Next comes the jigsaw puzzle (see more)

August 2012 - Choosing carpets
The planning application has now been submitted for our new centre in Vauxhall (new name to be announced soon!). Design attention is therefore now focused on the specifics of the interior. We know where the reception; meeting rooms; conference centre and offices will be located. But what is more difficult, is agreeing on what they will look like (see more)

July 2012 - Building a vision
This month the design plans for the Social Justice Centre were revealed to potential tenants for the first time. Many had been approached to ask for their opinions on what would make a good centre (see more)

June 2012 - A centre community
One of the most exciting parts of being Sales and Development Manager at Ethical Property is setting up new centres. When a new project is taking shape, it’s me who sets out to generate interest from potential tenants. The task can seem somewhat challenging. Take our new project, the Social Justice Centre. We need to fill over 25,000 sq ft of office space (see more)

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