July 2012 - Building a vision

This month the design plans for the Social Justice Centre were revealed to potential tenants for the first time. Many had been approached to ask for their opinions on what would make a good centre, but would they like the way this had been interpreted?!

The lead architect, David, led a ‘virtual tour’ around the space introducing 4 key design principles for the centre: permeability; flexibility; accessibility and sustainability.
  • Permeability: A space that feels open, welcoming and in which issues of social justice can be seen, investigated and challenged. A centre for engagement
  • Accessibility: A space open and easy to use for everyone
  • Flexibility: A space that can adapt as the life of the centre develops
  • Sustainability: A space conscious of its impact on the environment, that strives to actively minimise its footprint.
These principles work together to provide a strong basis on which to build a centre for public engagement to meet the needs of the social justice sector. The 00 Architect designs show how the building fabric can work to achieve this. But as David said, “you make a home by furnishing a house”.

A challenging and exciting part of this project will be how we fill the centre and bring it to life. How we work within it, how we decorate it to demonstrate the values we have, will be how we ensure this vision lives into the future.

For more information on the Social Justice Centre click here.

Janine Woodwood is Sales and Development Manager at Ethical Property.

marketing@ethicalproperty.co.uk / @ethicalspace / facebook.com/ethicalproperty
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