November 2012 - A jigsaw puzzle

Planning permission is in, and the overall design is in its final stages. We have a pretty good idea of what the new centre is going to look like. But who is going to be housed there? And where in the myriad of spaces across 5 floors will they be located? Next comes the jigsaw puzzle.

We have a database of over 60 organisations keen to take space in the centre. Many of them work on similar issues and may benefit from being in close proximity to each other. Some have specific accessibility requirements. Others have tight budgets to manage. And some would quite like the nice view from the top floor!

Our job is to put together the jigsaw in the right way, ensuring we can house as many groups as possible in space meeting their needs and budgets. This takes endless hours poring over plans with lots of sticky labels. If X goes here, Y can go there. But where can Z go?

After much scratching of heads and furrowed brows, we’re getting close to a layout which will ensure a really exciting centre, full of organisations challenging inequality and injustice, working to create a fairer society both in the UK and worldwide. Now, we just need to build it!

Janine Woodwood is Sales and Development Manager at Ethical Property. / @ethicalspace /
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