Annual General Meetings

The 2015 Ethical Property Annual General Meeting was held at our newest centre, The Foundry, on 11th March.  At the meeting, our senior management team updated shareholders on the company’s performance over the past year (to September 2014), and our plans for the future; Managing Director, Susan Ralphs explained our intention to double the company’s size over the next five years. 

During the formal business, chaired by John Whitaker, shareholders approved the election of Tim Farazmand as a Director of the company, authorised the proposed Buyback of over 400,000 shares and authorised our proposed Share Issue, due to take place in mid-2015. ​

To ensure attendees were given some context, two Foundry tenants (ADD International and Prisoners Education Trust) also spoke briefly at the meeting, providing an extremely interesting insight into how their organisational operations have benefited from their new office location. Throughout the meeting there were many questions asked by shareholders on a variety of topics, which made for an interesting and fast moving debate. The meeting presentation can found opposite and meeting minutes will appear on this page shortly.

The 2014 Ethical Property AGM took place on Wednesday 5th March 2014 at Resource for LondonDuring the event our outgoing Chair Bob Burlton and the Senior Management Team presented an overview of the previous year's performance and a summary of our future plans – the theme of which was ‘Building on Firm Foundations’.

Our SocialEnvironmental and Financial results were then discussed, as was the appointment of John Whitaker as Interim Chair, prior to the formal business meeting during which shareholders voted to approve the payment of a dividend of 1.5p per share – payment of which was paid to shareholders on Wednesday 9th April.

Focus then turned to our trio of guest speakers, Rod Schwartz from ClearlySo, Jamie Hartzell of Ethex, and Philip Wolfe from Westmill Solar Cooperative.  Led by our Non-executive Director Mark Luntley, the group debated the current state and future potential of social investment in the UK and further afield before taking questions  – an informative discussion that provoked some interesting insight from both the panel and shareholders.

As always, we welcome any feedback from shareholders who attended the event, as well as suggestions as to issues that we could cover at future events - please email
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